Nathaniel Young - Accosting Form, Pure Intent

Nathaniel Young - Accosting Form, Pure Intent


Format: 12" Vinyl LP + Digital Album
Cat no: MOTDLP005               
Release Date: August 30, 2019
LP with full color jacket, deluxe printed sleeve, 140g White Vinyl, Download Code Included.

A1. Limitation Without Direction A2. Zion Waits For No One A3. Comfort In Form A4. Recessed Constraint B1. Communal Dysphoria B2. Extrasolar B3. May I Speak Candidly B4. Graying Dawn

Release info:

"Accosting Form, Pure Intent" — Nathaniel Young’s debut album for Mysteries of the Deep — is a contradiction that makes sense. At once raw and elegant, it emerges from a place of constraint and desire. Its individual tracks reflect this paradox as the album unlocks itself like a koan: a riddle that, once solved, dawns on the listener like an epiphany. 

Metallic emanations in "Communal Dysphoria” and “Comfort in Form,” interpolated with echo and reverb, arise from the void and disappear back into it, moving like scattered precipitation over rugged, rhythmic terrain. Certain tracks speak to certain influences: in “Extrasolar" and “May I Speak Candidly,” drone is tempered by synth pads and wistful ambience. “Zion Waits for No One” brings to mind a sense of the Chthonic: a dark, primitive creature submerged. A monster from the loch that at times breaks through the still, watery surface. 

Despite the assorted elements at work, a visceral quality binds everything together. Even the record's more subdued works are textured and tangible, at times balancing or playing against the serrated edges of its more structured pieces. Like all compelling works, the sounds here exist in a liminal space that is not entirely classifiable. Still, it is wholly cohesive in both its moodiness and its adeptness.

Album notes:

“The entirety of the LP was written using a Korg MS-20 Mini, Korg SQ-1 step sequencer, Korg Volca Beats, Korg Volca Kick, Behringer Model D, and a Zoom H4N. The core of each track was recorded live in one or two takes and subsequent synth parts were overdubbed after the fact. Since I was working solely with monophonic synths, I utilized a lot of panning in the overdubbing process to help create new harmonics, and even chords in some cases, which really helped flesh out the often extremely monolithic and singular sounding analog synths. Beyond that, as I mentioned, I really focused on creating sequences that I found I could listen to on repeat no matter their level of simplicity.”

All songs written and produced by Nathaniel Young

Mixed by Oliver Chapoy at Ohm Sweet Ohm, NY 
Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio, NY 
Photography by Candace Price 
Design by Gabriel Benzur 
Words by Taylor Bratches 

Worldwide Distribution: wordandsound → what people play

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