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Nathaniel Young

In art and in earth, inordinate pressure leads to extraordinary form. This maxim is pivotal to the work of Nathaniel Young, a multidisciplinary artist and creative producer based in Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised amongst the cool greenery and porous fog of the Pacific Northwest, Young is a lifelong musician whose contemporary work explores techno through reductive and elemental processes, inverting its silhouette and navigating within its shadow.

Young, raised religious, was inspirited by the power of community at a young age. Since then he has pushed against the inhibiting constraint of his upbringing, trading dogma and doctrine for empathy and candor. Nevertheless, spirit still infuses his work. Young seeks what lies beyond the infinite through the soundtrack for a new community: one united by passion for transcendental sound and kinetic movement.

In 2013, Young co-founded Blankstairs, a musical platform issuing cassettes and vinyl from electronic musicians from all over the world. His first productions, under his own name and several aliases, came not long after, the result of an artist confidently finding his voice. In August 2019, Young will release his debut LP Accosting Form, Pure Intent on renowned New York imprint Mysteries of the Deep. In addition to his musical output, Young is an accomplished visual artist and designer, who has produced work for Dais Records, Hospital Productions, Resident Advisor, XLR8R, and more.

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