Certain Creatures - Nasadiya Sukta

Certain Creatures - Nasadiya Sukta


Format: 12" Vinyl LP + Digital Album
Cat no: MOTDLP001                         
Release Date: January 1, 2018
LP with full color jacket, printed deluxe sleeve, 140g Black Vinyl, Download Code Included

A1. Cross Star Woman A2. Nyau Dust A3. Golden Circle
B1. Tachyon B2. Nasadiya Sukta B3. We Live Inside A Dream

Release info:
A voice in the ether. A calm, clement drone. A gentle, pulsing throb. Like the ghost of a forgotten future as imagined by the distant past, Certain Creatures' sophomore LP Nasadiya Sukta is a study in timelessness — crystalline, heartfelt ambient music designed to push light through shadow. 

CERTAIN CREATURES is the alias of Brooklyn-based artist Oliver Chapoy, and Nasadiya Sukta was crafted especially for Mysteries of the Deep. Divided into six tracks, Nasadiya coheres into a single extraterrestrial mass, its beautiful understated elegance encouraging repeat listens. Simultaneously harking back to ambient classics from the '90s while cementing Chapoy as a visionary artist with his own unique voice, Nasadiya Sukta is one for the space travellers indeed. 

Written, Produced, and Mixed by Oliver Chapoy at Ohm Sweet Ohm, Brooklyn, New York. 
2017 Ohm Sweet Ohm (ASCAP) 

Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio, New York 
Photography by Candace Price 
Design by Gabriel Benzur 
Words by Chris Zaldua 

Worldwide Distribution: wordandsound → what people play

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