Interpretations Vol II - Musica Enterrada

Interpretations Vol II - Musica Enterrada


Format: Digital EP
Cat no: MOTDEP002                            
Release Date: May 18, 2018

1. Musica Enterrada (Matthew Patterson Curry’s Remix) 2. The Island Before The Internet (Borne’s Snail Mail Shimmer) 3. Thick Description (rrao & Clay Wilson Remix) 4. Musica Enterrada (Strategy’s Recombinant Mix) 5. Sun Tunnels Tree Tunnels (Album Bonus)

Release info:
Deeper still goes Interpretations Vol. II, Mysteries of the Deep's next collection of edits, reworks, and revisions, all culled from our second full-length LP, William Selman's "Musica Enterrada." Both the gentle bloom of Matthew Patterson Curry’s twist on the title track and Borne's shimmering percussion-forward version of 'The Island Before The Internet' hew pleasingly close to the source material. Elsewhere, rrao and Clay Wilson transform 'Thick Description' into a stygian journey, with a susurrant reiki session, and Strategy recombines 'Musica Enterrada' into a classic subaquatic house tune. A bonus original work from Selman, 'Sun Tunnels Tree Tunnels,' finishes the release.

Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio, New York 
Photography by Candace Price 
Design by Gabriel Benzur 
Words by Chris Zaldua 

Worldwide Distribution: wordandsound → what people play

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