Photo by Erin Keeffe

Grant Aaron

Grant Aaron, the man behind the long-running podcast series Mysteries of the Deep, has spent decades immersing himself in electronic music. His influences are far-reaching, and his identity resists categorization: he is both an ambient and techno DJ, and is a core member in the band Birds of Prey. As its name implies, Mysteries of the Deep is concerned with exploration of unknown realms, and its focus—in addition to showcasing a dynamic spectrum of electronic music from foremost artists in the field—is to thoughtfully engage its audience. Based in New York and conceptualized in 2011, Mysteries—as fans lovingly call it—began as a podcast series that, now in its eighth year, has hosted mixes and original works by Patrick Russell, Tobias, Tropic Of Cancer, Aleksi Perälä, Neel, ASC, Antenes, DJ Pete (Substance), Chris SSG, and many others.

The project has since evolved, expanding into a curated event series and, more recently, a burgeoning record label. In 2018, Mysteries released three full-length LPs by Certain Creatures, William Selman, and Lori Scacco, each with an accompanying remix EP. The label has a slate of releases planned throughout 2019, including a new album from Birds of Prey. Grant has produced Mysteries events in Brooklyn, Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei, where he has performed extended DJ sets, or played live with Birds.

As a DJ, Grant invokes and constructs narrative shapes from the nebulous ether of ambient and experimental music. He references kosmische tradition, synthesizer elegance from Detroit and the U.K., cold drone moods, and leftfield futurism from Asia and the Americas. He's performed at marquee venues throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, is a resident at the world-renowned Detroit party No Way Back, and has released mixes for Smoke Machine from Taipei, Sure Thing from New York, Oslated from Seoul, Beyond/Below from Chicago, and Campfire Stories/Silent Season from Vancouver.

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