Mysteries Podcast: Chapter CVI - Rhyw live at Biografilm Festival

Mysteries of the Deep Podcast, Chapter CVI by Rhyw.

Recorded at Modern Art Museum of Bologna (MAMbo) on 8th June, as part of Biografilm Festival for Julian Charriére's opening solo show "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything and Everywhere".

Julian Charriére's work bridges the realms of environmental science and cultural history. The exhibition includes a wide selection of works such as photographs, installations, sculptures and videos, touching upon the history of science, the development of media culture, the romantic vision of exploration and the modern ecological crisis.

The set was loosely structured around the themes found in the show, specifically focussing on underwater artifacts & radioactive sites.…g-and-everywhere/

Korridor - Accident, I'm on the Ground
Daniel Avery - After Dark
Function – Ember
Faugust – Breach
Portrait – Untitled
BNJMN – The Colour of Thunder / unreleased
Prettybwoy – The Shelter
Faugust – Parallel Rave Fantasies
Rhyw – Karhide
BNJMN – Over White Peaks
Jako Maron - An lér si lo bor
Dolo Percussion – DOLO 14
Mars89 – Dive
Sabla – TOHC
Ulwhednar - Northland Resources
Faugust - Process Aesthetics
Sigha – Coming Apart
Svaag - Saaade
Sutekh - Periods Make Sense
Sabla – Fire-Wire
Donato Dozzy Plays Bee Mask - Vaporware 02
Rhyw – Kailash / unreleased
Rhyw - Loving Chest_Severed Legs / unreleased
Rhyw – Make Jewellery of Me / unreleased
4625 – Proles
Der Zyklus - Biometric ID
Frederick Mann – Cometh / unreleased
Klon Dump - Sashay FX For Moopie
Bruce – Sweat
Paleman – Titan Vulture
Batu – Monolith
Peder Mannerfelt - Texas is the Reason
Faugust - Cold Harbour