Mysteries Podcast: Chapter CVIII - Israel Vines | Mills Exploratory

Mysteries of the Deep Podcast, Chapter CVIII by Israel Vines (@israel-vines)

'Jeff Mills has been a hero of mine for a quarter of a century, but around 6 or 7 years ago I realized that I had lost touch with his world. Part of the reason is his prolific nature (which makes it hard to keep up) and the other factor is that Jeff just wasn't producing "hits" like i9 or Gamma Player at this point, so if you weren't paying close attention, some of what he was doing was easy to miss. Jeff was going deeper and more conceptual, stretching his recurring themes to their limits and exploring new territory that wasn't necessarily geared toward creating dancefloor mayhem. As I caught up with the releases I had missed and started keeping up again, I was drawn in particular to his ambient and experimental efforts, which I think are somewhat overlooked because of his legendary status as a dancefloor DJ. With this in mind, I got the idea to compile a mix of my favorite tracks of his in the more abstract style. Here is the result of that idea. Enjoy, and long live Jeff Mills.'

Dreams - (One Man Spaceship)
Common Space - (Emerging Crystal Universe)
Raindrops of Truth - (“And Then There Was Light” Soundtrack)
The Secret - (2087)
Infinite Effect - (One Man Spaceship)
Reversing The Cosmic Theory - (Emerging Crystal Universe)
Blue Print - (“Metropolis” Soundtrack)
Flying - (Every Dog Has Its Day)
Unnatural Star Arrangements - (Emerging Crystal Universe)
Medians - (Free Fall Galaxy)
Dream Mechanics - (The Jungle Planet)
Descending - Micro Terra - (The Jungle Planet)
The Hunted - (Free Fall Galaxy)
Parallelismin Fate - (“And Then There Was Light” Soundtrack)
Free Thinkers (The Reality) - (2087)
Arrangements of the Past - (“And Then There Was Light” Soundtrack)
Transformation In The Virgo Constellation - (Free Fall Galaxy)
Transformation A - (“Metropolis” Soundtrack)
New Beginning - (“Metropolis” Soundtrack)
Landscape (Utopian Dream) - (“Metropolis” Soundtrack)
Eve - (The Occurrence)
Dreams Of Dreams - (2087)
Gravitational Lensing - (Free Fall Galaxy)
A Secret Sense - (“And Then There Was Light” Soundtrack)