Podcast: Campfire Stories 66 - Grant Aaron

Campfire Stories 66 (Alchemical) by Grant Aaron (Mysteries of the Deep)

~ About The Story ~


An organism glows
in this dark, dark room.
The light finds the cracks
in the walls

and stretches its languid arms
to enclose us, to hold us
against its vital pulse.
Tethered to a vibration

both familiar and unknown,
we are sent towards
a portal before
we are spit back into day—

kept close
until the night is done.
The heartbeat of the creature
then dissipates like cloud,

is alchemically transformed,
shifts shapes
like the shadow of fire
then finds its way

into our chests.
We carry our secrets
within them like lead,
lead that wants to be turned

into gold. It’s only a matter
of time before our chests
are unlocked.
When we open

each other up,
what’s underneath
spills out, and it is then
that we remember the pulse

never left – it only
hid itself beneath
our wrists, our lungs.
By the end we’ve lost the map

and know there’s no way back:
the person we were before
succumbs to the person
we’ve become.

- Taylor Bratches

~ Chapters ~

This set was recorded live at Return to the Source: No Way Back @ Tangent Gallery Detroit, Outer Space Room -- Sunday May 26, 2019.

Featuring selected tracks by Lingua Lustra, Thomas Ragsdale, Lua, Nathaniel Young, Organic Dial, Ekin Fil, Mind Over Midi, ASC, Sam KDC, Aleksi Perälä, Sylvia Monnier, Waveform Transmission, Black Zone Magick Chant, Toki Fuko, Vallmo, Mika Vainio, and O Yuki Conjugate.

~ Notes ~

Campfire Stories is a mix series by friends of Silent Season. The focus of the series is on storytelling through deeper electronic music. Artists weave together narratives using the emotional characteristics of ambient and techno music.

Thanks to all the artists and labels whose sounds help tell the story.

Thank you for listening.

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Photo: Patrick Hendry

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