9128.live - A new streaming platform for ambient-oriented electronic music

Mysteries of the Deep is excited to announce a new partnership with our friends at A Strangely Isolated Place and their 24/7 streaming platform — http://9128.live — alongside Astral Industries, Auxiliary, Field Records, Hypnus Records, Silent Season, and many others! Curated selections from our catalogs, including album premieres, label-specific mixes and unreleased/exclusive music.

Collective listening

Founded by A Strangely Isolated Place, 9128 has been created as a newly curated destination to showcase friends, artists and labels within the ambient and electronic music community - a collective of likeminded music.

Our goal is to have a 100% label and artist curated schedule and our regular programming will revolve around music from everyone involved, alongside scheduled shows from our Partners.

Always on, always free. You can read more about the inspiration for 9128.live here.


9128 programming will be fluid and curated to ensure a new listening experience with every visit.

Partner shows: We are partnering with friends and likeminded labels to create purposeful listening moments. Partners will have a time where you can tune in for the latest curation by said Partner, but that curation may be different from one show to the next and the slot may change from week to week. Read about the Partners. These shows will commence soon.

Regular 9128 programing: Surrounding the Partner shows will be regular 9128 programing curated by ASIP. 9128 Programing will be less defined and will be a mix of all music from the ASIP Label and Partners involved. It will also include album premieres, label-specific mixes and unreleased/exclusive music.


  • We don’t have specific limitations on what music we play. We curate from a label / artist level. Generally the music featured on 9128 aligns to the ASIP aesthetic, and will include a spectrum of ambient, drone, field-recordings, experimental, soundtrack, modern classical, electronica/IDM and deep techno.

  • The music featured is played under permission or owned by said artists, Partners or ASIP.

  • The stream is currently offered at 192kbps. We will continue to asses this based on listeners and bandwidth.

  • We encourage you to connect to the stream using WiFi, especially on mobile, to avoid high data usage.

  • The stream has built in security measures to stop and discourage “stream rippers”. Please respect the artists and music played for your enjoyment.

  • If you like what you hear, we encourage you to support the artists and Partners on Bandcamp.

Going forward

Newly curated shows / themes will be added based on the artists and labels music.

We will regularly add new music, swap-out existing music and update Partner curation.

How to listen?

Listen here on the website or:

Download the iOS / iPhone / iPad app

Download the Android app

Install the Amazon Alexa widget

(Advanced) Add this direct URL into Sonos (read how here) or other streaming services.